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Meet our talented team

Scribe Cycling is home to a unique group of people. Blending decades of cycling expertise with industry knowledge.

Scribe Cycling founder Alan Graham



Alan Graham - Founder, and pretty much all-round domestique 

About 8 years ago, I gave up an engineering career to pursue the sport I love, cycling. Fortunately, N. Ireland had an online cycling powerhouse that was causing ripples on a global scale; Chain Reaction Cycles (CRC), and I naturally found myself in their ranks. Having started as a customer service technical advisor, I soon ended up in CRC's 'House Brands' department where I developed product for Prime bike wheels, Nukeproof wheels & components, with small amounts of time on the other owned brands. After a whirlwind 5.5 years in CRC, I worked with Hunt bike wheels (1 year), before moving on to start Scribe Cycling.

Scribe Cycling Marketing Manager Dean McDowell



Dean McDowell - Marketing Manager, always in the break and pulls from the front    

Twelve Years within the cycling industry

- Tech Expert

- Marketing

- Training & Quality

- Graphic Design


Scribe Cycling Chief Mechanic Dan Riddel



Dan Riddel - Brand Manager, Mechanic and off-road missile 

- Tech Expert, Cytech Master Technician, Operations lead, Warranty and returns

If you have purchased a set of Scribes, there is little to no doubt Dan will have been involved in the build.  A fully qualified Cytech Master Technician, Dan deals with everything from full custom wheel builds to warehouse stock levels and everything in between, ensuring that the business runs as smoothly as possible.10 years spent within the cycling the industry has given him a decade of experience.

Dan can usually be found on the local, European and global trails, pushing his MTB and SILT wheels to the limits. An amazing rider yet incredibly humble guy, Dan brings youth and enthusiasm to the team.

Dan "I first met Alan while working for Chain Reaction, I remember him showing me a trick on how to improve the fluidity of a (not so good) dropper seat post. This always stuck with me, Alan was a perfectionist and performance of any part to work flawlessly, this is something both of us share. So when it came round to Alan asking me to join the team many years later, it was always going to be a no brainer.

I have always been riding bikes (Mainly bouncy ones) since I can remember, and to be part of a team that strives to produce not only amazing products but first-class customer service, is an honour and a dream come true for me.

I can't wait to share with everyone what we have been working on!"

Scribe Cycling Chief Mechanic Paul Smith



 Paul Smith - Operations, Chief Mechanic






Scribe Cycling Chief Mechanic Tom Greer





Thomas Greer - Videographer

With his keen artistic ability, Tom utilises his skills in graphic design, animation, photography and videography to bring our social content to life. Specialising in turning visions into unique eye-catching design. Tom is a forward-thinking guy, who is continually challenging himself to learn something new. From YouTube to Instagram or basically anything related to our social media, Tom plays a big role in its creation.

"I’ve loved every minute of my time working at Scribe and being involved with a range of creative projects means there's never a dull moment."


Robert Magee Scribe Financial Director



Robert Magee - Financial Director

No brand would be sustainable without a dedicated finance team, poring over the figures and ensuring the operation runs smoothly.  Heading up finance, Robert joined the Team in late 2021 to look after the financial workings of Scribe, a Chartered Accountant with 20 years experience in finance and an even longer cycling career, spanning Mountain Biking, Road, Triathlon and in recent years Gravel.  

“Having worked externally with Alan for a couple of years, when he suggested there might be a full-time role for me at Scribe I of course jumped at the chance. We are a young brand with a fantastic product range and plenty of exciting projects in the pipeline."


Lennart Middel - Designer



 Lennart Middel - Designer