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Why Ride Scribe?

    Why scribe You + Scribe =

    As a fast-growing brand, we do get asked why customers should buy from us over other brands, and when we explain the difference(s), the gap is bigger than most think! We've listed some of the main areas below.

    If you'd like more information, please head over to our Technology page to learn more. If you want advice on the best Scribe product for your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with our award winning customer service team via phone, the green button (Bottom right), or simply drop us an email at team@scribecycling.com




    1)  Our Products - Industry Recognised  

    • Industry Reviews

    Since launching Scribe in May 2019, we have consistently received amazing industry reviews and they orientate around the same areas; Responsiveness, Acceleration and Performance.  Check them out here:

    • Customer Reviews

    Although it's amazing to get excellent reviews from journalists, the thing that really makes it worth all the hard work is when customers contact us post-purchase to say our wheels have transformed their bikes and they can't believe the difference it's made to their riding! As riders that love the industry, we want to win on the ground with every day riders. Head over to our Trust Pilot account to check out what customers' have to say about us. 

    Also, check out our Facebook and Instagram sites to see more content and our happy Scribe community posting about their Scribe wheels.   


    • Pro Team Sponsor

    We are proud to support riders and teams.  Check out our Scribe Ambassadors page and our Facebook and Instagram sites to get updates on our riders and the SRCT team.Scribe Facebook 

    2)  Superior Specification: Not quite like others    

    • Patented Ratchet Drive Hub System  

    Exclusive to Scribe, we use a single disc Ratchet Drive System, with leaf spring actuation. Included with all of our performance wheels, this is a responsive high torque system that's incredibly durable and easy to service. 

    There aren't many single disc ratchet drive hubs on the market and if you look up rivals with similar tech, their hubset alone costs ~£475. If you consider we sell a full Super-light Carbon wheelset for £870, and Performance Alloy wheels from £330 - £380, our wheels are amongst the best ultimate upgrades for the money.

    Exploded Diagram of Scribe Cycling Patented Ratchet Drive Hub System
      • Super Lightweight Carbon Technology - Compare our weights to other brands
      When developing the Scribe range, we started with an end weight in mind for each model to get the balance right between strength and weight. We are able to achieve our impressive weights as we only use high-filament Japanese Toray (12k/18k) carbon fibre, and leading edge Resin Technology. Utilising Tension Technology (T:Tech), we're able to offer incredibly strong, yet seriously lightweight carbon rims.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
      • Exclusive Designs
        Scribe exclusive designs

        All of our wheels are designed with partners to offer completely unique products.  Each component is carefully selected to offer superior performance and pound-for-pound value for money.  We have intricate knowledge of the wheels and individual components and can best advise you on which wheels will best suit your needs and your performance level.

        3) World leading Customer Support

        • You're talking with a Tech Expert
        Scribe Customer Service Live Chat 9am - 9pm

         If you've been on our chat (green button - bottom right) or sent an email to team@scribecycling.com, you've been talking with an experienced rider with an advanced level of technical support. Our customers are, and will always be our number one priority so we invest a lot here to make sure you get an industry leading customer service experience. 

        • 3-Year Warranty 

        As cyclists ourselves, we know what it's like to have a warranty issue and we'll support customers in every way possible to make sure your wheels keep turning. Go to Warranty page.

        • Lifetime Crash Replacement Programme for Carbon
        Scribe Cycling Lifetime crash replacement on carbon

        When you purchase Scribe wheels you are assured of quality, performance and one of the best back-up services in the industry.  Having the odd tumble can happen through no fault of your own. As riders we understand that it can be heart breaking when your pride and joy suffers a bad crash. If your wheels are damaged as a result of a crash please contact us.  We'll support customers in every way possible to make sure your wheels keep turning and we help out with a discount off replacement parts. We have an experienced team that will deal with all issues, escalating each case to make sure the issue is resolved at the earliest possible date.  Go to our Crash Replacement page for more information.

        • Aftercare
        Scribe Infinity

        Our customers are incredibly important to us, we know that you have taken time to choose us and we want to look after you.  Go to Infinity to learn more about our infinity programme.



        • Instructional Videos
        Scribe Cycling YouTube Instructional Videos

        We know that there are some things you want to tackle yourselves.  We want to help you by sharing our knowledge through instructional videos. Click on our YouTube link to find our instructional videos  Scribe YouTube Instructional Videos.


        4) Global Shipping

        We are able to provide global shipping to all of our customers.  Go to our Delivery Policy page for more information


        We hope you like our range and we are always here for you. If you ever have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch!
        Chat: simply hit the Green button on the bottom right-hand corner
        Email: team@scribecycling.com
        Address: Scribe Cycling, 62 Donegall Pass, Belfast, N. Ireland, BT7 1BU
        Thank you for taking the time to read this. Alan, Dean and Dan.