Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off

Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off

Regular price €752

Scribe Aero Wide 3850 Carbon Wheelset 

The Ultimate mixed depth setup... Aero yet lightweight.. Excellent all-rounder

Wheels for purpose

The Scribe Aero 3850s were designed to offer maximum Aero benefits, while staying as lightweight as possible. Were the Aero 38s are super fast accelerating with good Aero benefit; and the Aero 50s fast accelerating with excellent Aero benefit, the 38/50s are in that middle ground - offering a lightweight weight/ Aero alternative that will perform over every imaginable terrain. 

Weighing only 1,422g, Aero 38/50s are exceptionally light in weight and pound-for-pound, feature amongst the best mixed depth wheels out there. Partnered with lightning fast Scribe Five4 hubs (54-tooth / 6.6 degree engagement), these wheels respond FAST, offering unrivalled levels of performance.

The Wide 19mm internal profile gives you the option to fit wide tyres for increased stability when cornering, and increased speed due to improved rolling resistance - especially when ran as tubeless. By using a Super High TG Resin for the Aero 38/50s, you will be able to brake hard (especially on descents) as the braking track can withstand up to 240 degree Celsius! Partnered with our own braking compound, you'll be able to ride with confidence knowing you can scrub speed when needed. The 26mm outer allows easy installation/ removal of wheels.  

Technical Specification
Depth 38mm Front / 50mm Rear
Full, Unidirectional Carbon 
Clincher - Tubeless Ready
Rim Width (external) 26mm
Rim Width (internal) 19mm
Spoke Pattern / Hole Count Front (radial) 20H, Rear (2:1) 24H
Weight 1422g


The Product in detail


  • High filament (12K/18K) Japanese Toray T700 / T800 carbon fibre. Unidirectional for strength with additional reinforcement at spoke holes. (spoke tested to 280 kgf [single spoke load]) 
  • Scribe Carbon T:Tech used to strengthen rim walls, and rim bed - offering incredible long-term strength, even under high pressure
  • High TG (Glass Transition) resin produces a lightweight, low void carbon which increases stiffness, and resistance to heat on braking track (great for hard braking on descents)
  • Wide 19mm internal profile produces a great tyre profile for improved grip and stability
  • 26mm outer rim width provides ample clearance for brake manufacturers
  • 4-D precision drilled spoke holes - directs spokes exactly to hub anchor point
  • Tubeless ready design will offer increased puncture resistance, faster-rolling wheels and improved weight (works with standard tube also) 
  • Tubeless tape fitted
  • Ramped rim bed for easy tyre fitment
  • Bead lock design for secure tyre binding, even at lower pressure
  • Unique, high-speed Ratchet Drive system exclusive to Scribe.
  • 54-tooth engagement ring with super-fast drive rate (6.6 degree)
  • Heat treated stainless steel drive ring
  • Enlarged drive-side flange for increased torsional strength
  • Fully CNC'd rounded design with 4-D precision drilled spoke holes
  • Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10/11 speed freehub body fitted - Campagnolo and XDR also available.

*Scribe Five4 hub: 54-tooth Ratchet drive hub Exclusive to Scribe. With 6.6º engagement, our hubs respond fast, and as there's only one moving part, the freehub system is incredibly durable and easily serviceable.  


      You choose! Bearings are an essential component of wheels and it's important your bearings perform as you want them to. All of our wheels come with a fast Endurance bearing as standard but we also offer a Race bearing for those racing, or riding in drier weather. If you would prefer Race bearings, please tell us in the notes section when purchasing and your wheels will arrive with this standard. *there is no additional charge for bearing swop

          1. Endurance bearings: LU/LB TPI sealed bearing designed to stand the test of time so you can ride as much as you want, with confidence your bearings will keep spinning smoothly.   
          2. Race bearings: Japanese EZO bearing - incredibly fast, sealed, non-contact bearings. Spin up effortlessly and allow you to glide at speed. *not recommended for long periods of wet riding  

        Spokes and Nipples

        • The Scribe Aero 38/50s use the Sapim CX-Ray as it's considered to be the most aerodynamic spoke on the market. At 4.25g each, and almost as light as Titaniumwe can build you a super-lightweight wheel set that allows you to get up to speed faster.
        • The unique drawing, and specifically pressed process produces fast, bladed Aero spoke (2.0mm - 0.9/2.2mm - 2.0mm)
        • By using fatigue-resistant 18/8 stainless steel, CX-Ray spokes have exceptionally high durability properties and will stand the test of time.
        • Straight-pull for increased torsional strength
        • 20 hole front / 24 hole rear
        • Read more about Sapim spokes -
        • For nipples, we use Alloy Sapim double square head
        Quick Release (QR)
        • Scribe Aero Super-light alloy QR
        • Alloy pivoted cam plate for smooth action, but with strong locking bind
        • Stainless steel springs for anti-rust (weather) protection

        Additional items in the box

        • Tubeless valves
        • Scribe Brake pads x4
        • Spare spokes x4
        • Spare Nipples x4


        Weight limit: The upper combined weight limit (bike weight + rider weight + luggage) for these wheels is 105kgs. If a rider is in excess of 90kgs, we recommend regular wheel checks from an experienced bike mechanic. If you are pushing the boundaries of the weight limit, please contact to discuss options.  

        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off
        Ex-Demo Aero Wide 3850 (1,422g): 20% off